Thursday, September 17, 2009

It's been awhile...

This whole month has been flying by so fast! I have been playing everyday this month and definitely had to make some adjustments to my game as the games in the poker world have changed drastically in only the short period of a month. There are more regulars now, and people are starting to get more and more aggressive. This is ok though, we players know how to adjust to these changes and continue to exploit the nitty regs.

As far as games go, I have been playing in a few mtt every night along with the 90's. I finally had a good break through after losing and breaking even all week. I almost did not even play this tournament but ended up going through and taking it down. Here are some pictures from the
Turbo Fiddy I took down a few days ago!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Crushing it

Have had a very rough week in the mtt sng category. Variance definitely caught the best of me and I thought I would never win a flip again. I pulled through it with a clear head and after losing almost 1k, won it all back. No thanks to mtt sng's on this one though. I started playing HU sng again and absolutely crushed it. I honestly believe my roi is a lot higher than 10%, especially in the 4man HU shootouts. Going to take a nap and play miniftops4. Looking forward to winning a seat into this sundays HU wcoop and already have a seat for miniftop hu.