Friday, April 30, 2010

Vegas life

It was been a crazy time in the couple weeks I have spent here. I havent been doing so hot on the online front in poker. I played some cash and ran pretty bad and ended up losing a nice chunk. Other than that I had a piece of my roommate in the venetian 2500 and made a cool 11k. We popped Cristal and celebrated into the wee hours of the morning, which left us not waking up in time to play the caesars 5k. I have also been running reallllly bad in credit card roulette ( i have won the last 7/10 for just over 3k in food). Other than that I made a few purchases including some new 2300$ buffalo horn cartier sunglasses and a louis vuitton wallet. Never had a chance to shop for nice things back in ohio so getting it all out of the way before I start playing mad poker.

Last night was one of the craziest nights here, and unfortunately cost me 1500$. We spent most of the night at tryst nightclub and drank way too much gray goose, then headed to the rhino for the after party. I tipped the doorman 100$ to get us in right away because we do not like to stand in line. I ended up puking on a stripper and in the cab on the way home, then passed out on the front lawn when I got back to the house. After about a half hour I woke up and passed out on the steps and then on my roommates floor. Needless to say I hope I do not have another night like that for awhile but overall we had a great time and some hilarious memories.

Probably going to play the 2k tomorrow on fulltilt and grind hard through sunday. I am thinking of playing a few events at commerce in a couple weeks. Other than that I really cannot wait for the wsop to start.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Viva Las Vegas!

I finally arrived in Las Vegas early friday morning. It was a very long drive (2200 miles) and I will never hopefully have to drive that far again in my life. I ended up taking a few days to get here. I stopped in council bluffs, iowa to check out the horseshoe casino and lose 700$ in the 2-5 game they had going. I then made it to fort collins, colorado to visit my cousin who I havent seen in atleast a year. Since moving to vegas I have lost a shit ton of money and credit card roulettes. I am 6/8 on paying for my last roulettes and hope that this streak does not continue or else I will have no moneys to play the wsop.

I started thinking about selling a % of my action for the wsop. I was totally against it, and kinda still am, but the total I want to spend is going to be a big % of my BR and do not want to go bust if ftops/scoop do not go well for me. I will let people know in about a month if I decide to. I will be very busy the next week so might not have an update for awhile. I might be playing the 2.5k venetian main on saturday but with ftops, I am not sure about my schedule yet. I have some big props on scooping a bracelet or ftops these next couple weeks so expect to read about me winning all the monies in the next few weeks.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

time for a quickie!

Will update more on napt/poker etc etc etc later. Started my long drive from cleveland to vegas yesterday. Drove 14hours straight and am finally in Omaha Nebraska. Passed a gas station called "Kum and go". Drive was long and boring so Im getting a few hours of sleep before I head out for Fort Collins, Colorado to visit my cousin Theresa for the day. Then will finally make the last leg of the journey into Las Vegas. Can't wait to eat some sushi and get a happy ending upon arrival. JKJKJK