Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Live Poker and Vegas Report

A few days after winning the deuce I was searching the 2p2 forum and stumbled upon a poker mansion that was available for rent. I ended up emailing omgbarackobama about possibly moving in and asked him if I could stay there for a week while the Venetian deep stack series was going on. I flew out last Wednesday and ended up staying out in Vegas for a week. The poker house was huge and everyone that lived in the house was chill as fuck. It was only a 15$ cab ride each way and you could even see portions of the strip from the balcony. I might end up moving in to the house but for now it is all still up in the air.

I played in the thurs/fri/sat events and the satelite on sunday to the main event. Needless to say I ran like shit and ended up losing some crucial flips and having my QQ and KK run into AA halfway through the day. I even bubbled the main event sate having my k5s run into AA bvb into the bb of one of the famous Trans for 10bb. The next bad beat came when I was 10min too late to register for the next one so there went my shot at the main event. However, one of the guys living in the house came with me on Thursday to play and ended up taking 4th at the final table. He is a well known cash player on stars and has owned a supernova elite account for the last 3 years. When it came down to the wire the short stacks kept doubling up and he lost A7 v qj bvb to end his run. It was a nice score as he cashed for 7k, and he treated us to Noodles at Bellagio. We did a lottt of sake bombs and had a great time. Sapporo Reserve beer is also one of my new favorites!

I ended up meeting with my buddy kyle after busting on Sunday, so we went back to noodles and played the credit card roulette, where once again I was victorious. It's finally nice to actually win something after all the losing that was going on. After that we went to caesars to play drunk cash as we railed his dad in a tourney. Unfortunately he busted as did my stack as I ran a set into a flopped straight etc. I seriously could not run good for the life of me so I decided I would play the caesar 160$ 7pm the next day. I made a sick read on a guy early on where I bet/called an all in for a 200bb pot with AK high on a 234 board where he showed down AQ. I was chipping up real nicely until I ran fucking KK into AA again for like all but 10bb of my stack. I managed to hold on and double up a few times to make the final table. The structure fucking sucks and I will never play this tournament again because they kept skipping levels. By the time we were 7 handed I had 7bb, where the button shipped 6bb and I snapped with A8o. Unfortunately once again he had to have TT and leave me with 1bb. I almost had a hard on when I 4x my stack the next hand but then had to post the BB where I got KT v A4 where the guy flopped a straight flush. Then to top it all off my flight was delayed 3hours on the way back. Fuck vegas and the fucking mirage and fuck live poker for the time being. I cannot wait to get back to online poker and start owning souls again.

Monday, November 16, 2009

This wet dream only cost $22$

Last Friday I had one of the worst sessions of my entire life. I ended up playing all night against a mega fish HU and nearly lost my poker bankroll. Not only that but I had a horrible week of mtt and it nearly cost me my roll. I am not going to complain about how ungodly bad I ran, because it's part of the game, but it definitely was one of the lowest points in my career. That being said the next night I went out and got extremely hammered. This of course was Saturday night, the day before the mtt grind. Not the smartest thing to do I know, but I woke up on Sunday morning fresh and ready to start over again. (I did however wake up a few hours later than my normal starting time lol.) I woke up just in time for the brawl and that's where my session started.

I didn't have any success in the first couple hours of tourneys, and was losing all the satellites I usually play. What else is new, especially after the week I had. I signed up for the ftops sunday millions and started out running pretty well. I then amped my aggression up and really started tearing it up. I managed to have a top 10 chip stack at one point and hovered in the top 100 for most of the tournament. It was then with about 850 left and 700 getting paid I had my KK run into AA and then THE VERY NEXT HAND AKs run into AA by the SAME PLAYER! Going from top 100 to bust in one of the largest sunday millions on fulltilt sucks. Before getting upset about it, I quickly realized that I had a huge stack in the double deuce with about 200 people left. Right after losing those hands I had QQ and doubled up to be the actual chip leader in the deuce. I suddenly wasn't as mad anymore and put my whole focus and attention on winning this tournament. From 100 on I knew the tournament was mine. I had the chip lead and no one could stop me from running away with it.

It felt just like a 3$ 90man at that point and I continued to grind all the way up to the bubble of the final table. I was 3rd in chips at the time with 10 left and had been 3betting and raising relentlessly. I had just 3b villian light two hands before this one happened. I raise 66 from ep and the villian in the big blind 3bets me to 2.5x and I flat. The flop comes 246 and I ck/c his cbet. The turn was a 9h so the board was rainbow. I thought this would be the perfect card for him to barrel again because it was an overcard to the board and would likely get me to fold any 1 pair hand under nines that I was holding, maybe. I ck/r him all in on his turn bet and he snapped me off with 49o LOL. I had a feeling he was trying to play back at me light preflop but the hand really just turned into a cooler and I stacked him taking a commanding chip lead into the FT.

I played hellmuth poker early on with a tight strategy, picking my spots carefully. I won a couple races and knocked a few people out. When the table got shorthanded, I decided it was time to amp up the aggression again and start 3betting the shit out of everyone. No one gave me any reason to stop so I kept going with it. I also had the perfect loose passive opponent just give me his stack by calling all my raises and ck/f every flop. It truly was a dream final table situation and when we got HU it only got better. The opponent was from Sweden, but definitely did not play like it. He folded just about 90% of hands, either in position or out. He wanted to make a deal so I told him if he quit now I would give him 24$ more than what he would have gotten. He didn't like that too much since it was basically an 11k hu match, so we kept playing. It was hard to get chips from him but I won just about every single hand and knew when he had one. I lost a few pots when I actually did have a hand in the 3b pots and actually lost the chip lead at one point. I knew I couldn't lose to someone playing this poorly and after about an hour had him down to the 10bb range. (side note: Our stacks were surprisingly deep at the FT, so when we started the hu we were almost 60bb effective). I ended up doubling him up but continued to grind him back down. I have never seen anyone online play so poorly in my life. Even 2$ HU SNG players knew more about general strategy than this guy. I finally decided to stop minraising and make it 3x with my AJo 15bb eff, when he finally came to his European ways and reshipped his 78o. He finally made a play because I deviated from my strategy, but too bad he didn't realize that's exactly what I wanted him to do. I finally won the hand and shipped it!
I wasn't nervous at all or even thinking about how much money was on the line the entire time. Partially because I was so freaking tired, but more because I knew I was in command and was the best player at that table. There was even a decent pro from what I understand at the table, but I didn't let him get in my way and ended up taking down my first 5 figure score and the biggest cash of my career!

I am going to Vegas this week to check out a baller mansion some other pros are renting out to see if I want to move in. The best part is they all specialize in different aspects of poker, so I'm very excited to talk some good strategy and improve my game. I will also be playing in the remainder of the Venetian Deep Stack Series. I plan on then going to the wsop circuit event in Atlantic City with a few more of my buddies I met in Southern Indiana and taking down a tourney or two. In the meantime I'm going to be grinding mtt and HU sng online. Pz

Favorite chat quote from a random fish in the deuce "I brought 22$ and a dream, and all I got was a nightmare" ROFL

Sunday, November 1, 2009

WSOP Circuit followup

I headed down to southern indiana with the royalton poker crew on tuesday. Our first stop was a crazy little restaurant in Louisville where I had the best beer I have ever tasted. We stopped at the liquor store and picked up a few bottles of everclear, and finally after a 6hr drive, made it to the horseshoe. I was quite impressed that given the location and size of the casino, it was a pretty nice establishment. The first night I sat into a cash game and met a good friend who is pretty damn good at poker. We sat by each other at the table and each made more than 600$ playing 1-2nl in a short 2hr span. I would have liked to play higher but they only had 2 2-5 tables going at the time. The next day was my first wsop circuit event.

The event was a 345$ turbo and I honestly wish I had never played it. It only took me a few hours to bust, but I could have spent my time with the fish at the cash tables than hopelessly trying to win 292934 flips to win the thing. After I busted I did in fact treat myself to a 1-3nl 500$ cap for the next 15hrs and came out 1500$ up. I only took 1 45min dinner break and played some of the best cash poker in my life. After that I headed to bed to get a few hours sleep for the event I was looking forward to the most, the 555$.

I had a good table draw except for a younger kid on my left who was later very aggro until busting. I couldnt get anything going and ended up winning a few small pots when shortstacks were shipping it in. I grinded it through though and was able to manage a 30bb stack before getting moved to a new table a few hours in. I was not happy to see a kid I met earlier that day sitting on my left and a few other young aggressive players at the table. I was dealt premium holdings my first 3 hands and lost all 3. I went from 30 to 10bb in a matter of minutes until the poker gods decided to give me a break. My friend from EP raised it up and a very tight player just flatted behind him. I looked down in the BB to find TT and shipped it in. They both called and checked it down on a K459J board and both showed down AQ. I tripled up and was right back into the swing of things. After another few hours I was dealt 74s in late position in a limp pot. The tightest player at the table limped utg so I knew he was probably sitting on a big hand so I limped in from the CO. 5 of us saw a flop of 742 and the small blind led out 1/3 pot. The tight kid flatted and I raised 3x to only be cold called by the button limper, the tight kid called too. The turn was a T bringing a rainbow and I shoved all in. The button called and showed down JJ and I took down a monster pot minutes before dinner break. The kid at my table and I went up to the bar to eat and talked a little poker before getting back into the grind.

The next two hours I went on a complete tear just running the table over with raises and knocking out short stacks. It was then there were about 40 left and 27 were payed when I had two new fish sit at my table. The very first hand the guy got his money in terrible against one of the younger kids and doubled up. I was liking my position on him and being table captain until the tournament director told me that I had been moved to a new table. I was pretty upset that had happened but I moved to my new table and recognized only 1 guy from my first table. About 10 hands in the guy I knew raised from the HJ and I 3b from the sb with AA. He ended up folding and I took a nice pot. The very next hand on the button the CO opened and I 3b again. This 3b made the CO committed, where he should either shove or fold, but he decided to flat. The flop came qj8 rainbow and he ck'd and I shoved the remaining chips into the pot. He thought for about 2minutes before rolling over 89................UGH WTFFFFF. I had 44 but it really doesn't matter what my cards are in this spot. I was clearly representing AA (players at the table even called out what they thought I had before flipping it over) and got beat by a retarded southern hick. I kept my class though and did not berate him nor say a single profanity other than "are you fucking kidding". It is very important not to berate players because you only hurt yourself in the longrun from either 1) they quit and never feed my kids again or 2) study and learn to get better where making money is now harder. I was then left with 10bb and grinded a few orbits before shoving A4o from the CO. I ran into 99 from the bb and finished in 32, five out of the money.

All together it was a great trip and a good live tournament experience. I don't think I would have played the hand any different other than folding preflop and am happy with how I played throughout the entire trip. I will probably go back next year and if the 1 and 5k are not on halloween again, ill probably play those too. Other than that I had a horrible sunday as fulltilt froze up about 29493 times while trying to load that retarded 50k player tourney. It cost me a huge pot for most of my chips 20 away from the money in 1 tourney, and timed out of a few good hands in decent size pots in others, not to mention all the folded hands I did not see from being disconnected for so long. Hopefully this does not happen again because I ended up donking off all the rest of the tournaments and quit for the day from being so tilted. Time to catch up on sleep and start knocking out my goals. Later