Monday, December 14, 2009

1st in stars nightly 70k for 12.5k!

Finally got to FT a tourney after another long sunday! Also took 3rd in a 109$ turbo for 2k and a bunch of mincashes of all kinds. Finally broke 100k for the last quarter of the year and looking forward to becoming a millionaire next year. I am finally starting to like pokerstars so I might decide to win the weekly tlb this week. As for this week im going to grind hard so that I can buy myself a new Lexus RX350 for Christmas. Still deciding where I should move, its close between LA and Vegas. Hopefully ill have everything figured out for my next post and also a list of new years resolutions (aka goals) for my life and poker. Here is a pic from my victory tonight!


  1. your post sums up wot my dreams r made of . gg and gl. L4

  2. If you work as hard as you possibly can anything is obtainable! Never give up