Friday, April 30, 2010

Vegas life

It was been a crazy time in the couple weeks I have spent here. I havent been doing so hot on the online front in poker. I played some cash and ran pretty bad and ended up losing a nice chunk. Other than that I had a piece of my roommate in the venetian 2500 and made a cool 11k. We popped Cristal and celebrated into the wee hours of the morning, which left us not waking up in time to play the caesars 5k. I have also been running reallllly bad in credit card roulette ( i have won the last 7/10 for just over 3k in food). Other than that I made a few purchases including some new 2300$ buffalo horn cartier sunglasses and a louis vuitton wallet. Never had a chance to shop for nice things back in ohio so getting it all out of the way before I start playing mad poker.

Last night was one of the craziest nights here, and unfortunately cost me 1500$. We spent most of the night at tryst nightclub and drank way too much gray goose, then headed to the rhino for the after party. I tipped the doorman 100$ to get us in right away because we do not like to stand in line. I ended up puking on a stripper and in the cab on the way home, then passed out on the front lawn when I got back to the house. After about a half hour I woke up and passed out on the steps and then on my roommates floor. Needless to say I hope I do not have another night like that for awhile but overall we had a great time and some hilarious memories.

Probably going to play the 2k tomorrow on fulltilt and grind hard through sunday. I am thinking of playing a few events at commerce in a couple weeks. Other than that I really cannot wait for the wsop to start.

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