Friday, November 19, 2010

Quick update

Ive been back in vegas for 3 weeks. Ive lost 17lbs and havent drank since nov 1 ! I feel pretty good about it and about myself. Ive been eating very healthy on a low carb/sugar high fat diet. Ive also been going to the gym regularly.
Poker hasn't been all that great. I busted NAPT LA in a hand where a crazy maniac opened in ep to 2bb. The guy was raising about 80% of hands, I 3b 99 on the button for 5bb and he jammed 40bb in my eye. I knew it was thin but thought he could show up with worse pairs, and since I 3b my hand for value I called and he had QJs. I obv lost the flip and proceeded to lose 3k at 5/10 within 25hands and headed straight back to vegas. I dropped 7k that sunday without cashing in a single tourney. It was a very exp week for me and I just can't afford to go on these tournament swings. I am starting to learn hu and 6m plo this coming week. Hopefully I can retire from mtt's in style with a nice finish off the 2k or ftops main! ship it

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