Sunday, November 1, 2009

WSOP Circuit followup

I headed down to southern indiana with the royalton poker crew on tuesday. Our first stop was a crazy little restaurant in Louisville where I had the best beer I have ever tasted. We stopped at the liquor store and picked up a few bottles of everclear, and finally after a 6hr drive, made it to the horseshoe. I was quite impressed that given the location and size of the casino, it was a pretty nice establishment. The first night I sat into a cash game and met a good friend who is pretty damn good at poker. We sat by each other at the table and each made more than 600$ playing 1-2nl in a short 2hr span. I would have liked to play higher but they only had 2 2-5 tables going at the time. The next day was my first wsop circuit event.

The event was a 345$ turbo and I honestly wish I had never played it. It only took me a few hours to bust, but I could have spent my time with the fish at the cash tables than hopelessly trying to win 292934 flips to win the thing. After I busted I did in fact treat myself to a 1-3nl 500$ cap for the next 15hrs and came out 1500$ up. I only took 1 45min dinner break and played some of the best cash poker in my life. After that I headed to bed to get a few hours sleep for the event I was looking forward to the most, the 555$.

I had a good table draw except for a younger kid on my left who was later very aggro until busting. I couldnt get anything going and ended up winning a few small pots when shortstacks were shipping it in. I grinded it through though and was able to manage a 30bb stack before getting moved to a new table a few hours in. I was not happy to see a kid I met earlier that day sitting on my left and a few other young aggressive players at the table. I was dealt premium holdings my first 3 hands and lost all 3. I went from 30 to 10bb in a matter of minutes until the poker gods decided to give me a break. My friend from EP raised it up and a very tight player just flatted behind him. I looked down in the BB to find TT and shipped it in. They both called and checked it down on a K459J board and both showed down AQ. I tripled up and was right back into the swing of things. After another few hours I was dealt 74s in late position in a limp pot. The tightest player at the table limped utg so I knew he was probably sitting on a big hand so I limped in from the CO. 5 of us saw a flop of 742 and the small blind led out 1/3 pot. The tight kid flatted and I raised 3x to only be cold called by the button limper, the tight kid called too. The turn was a T bringing a rainbow and I shoved all in. The button called and showed down JJ and I took down a monster pot minutes before dinner break. The kid at my table and I went up to the bar to eat and talked a little poker before getting back into the grind.

The next two hours I went on a complete tear just running the table over with raises and knocking out short stacks. It was then there were about 40 left and 27 were payed when I had two new fish sit at my table. The very first hand the guy got his money in terrible against one of the younger kids and doubled up. I was liking my position on him and being table captain until the tournament director told me that I had been moved to a new table. I was pretty upset that had happened but I moved to my new table and recognized only 1 guy from my first table. About 10 hands in the guy I knew raised from the HJ and I 3b from the sb with AA. He ended up folding and I took a nice pot. The very next hand on the button the CO opened and I 3b again. This 3b made the CO committed, where he should either shove or fold, but he decided to flat. The flop came qj8 rainbow and he ck'd and I shoved the remaining chips into the pot. He thought for about 2minutes before rolling over 89................UGH WTFFFFF. I had 44 but it really doesn't matter what my cards are in this spot. I was clearly representing AA (players at the table even called out what they thought I had before flipping it over) and got beat by a retarded southern hick. I kept my class though and did not berate him nor say a single profanity other than "are you fucking kidding". It is very important not to berate players because you only hurt yourself in the longrun from either 1) they quit and never feed my kids again or 2) study and learn to get better where making money is now harder. I was then left with 10bb and grinded a few orbits before shoving A4o from the CO. I ran into 99 from the bb and finished in 32, five out of the money.

All together it was a great trip and a good live tournament experience. I don't think I would have played the hand any different other than folding preflop and am happy with how I played throughout the entire trip. I will probably go back next year and if the 1 and 5k are not on halloween again, ill probably play those too. Other than that I had a horrible sunday as fulltilt froze up about 29493 times while trying to load that retarded 50k player tourney. It cost me a huge pot for most of my chips 20 away from the money in 1 tourney, and timed out of a few good hands in decent size pots in others, not to mention all the folded hands I did not see from being disconnected for so long. Hopefully this does not happen again because I ended up donking off all the rest of the tournaments and quit for the day from being so tilted. Time to catch up on sleep and start knocking out my goals. Later

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