Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Live Poker and Vegas Report

A few days after winning the deuce I was searching the 2p2 forum and stumbled upon a poker mansion that was available for rent. I ended up emailing omgbarackobama about possibly moving in and asked him if I could stay there for a week while the Venetian deep stack series was going on. I flew out last Wednesday and ended up staying out in Vegas for a week. The poker house was huge and everyone that lived in the house was chill as fuck. It was only a 15$ cab ride each way and you could even see portions of the strip from the balcony. I might end up moving in to the house but for now it is all still up in the air.

I played in the thurs/fri/sat events and the satelite on sunday to the main event. Needless to say I ran like shit and ended up losing some crucial flips and having my QQ and KK run into AA halfway through the day. I even bubbled the main event sate having my k5s run into AA bvb into the bb of one of the famous Trans for 10bb. The next bad beat came when I was 10min too late to register for the next one so there went my shot at the main event. However, one of the guys living in the house came with me on Thursday to play and ended up taking 4th at the final table. He is a well known cash player on stars and has owned a supernova elite account for the last 3 years. When it came down to the wire the short stacks kept doubling up and he lost A7 v qj bvb to end his run. It was a nice score as he cashed for 7k, and he treated us to Noodles at Bellagio. We did a lottt of sake bombs and had a great time. Sapporo Reserve beer is also one of my new favorites!

I ended up meeting with my buddy kyle after busting on Sunday, so we went back to noodles and played the credit card roulette, where once again I was victorious. It's finally nice to actually win something after all the losing that was going on. After that we went to caesars to play drunk cash as we railed his dad in a tourney. Unfortunately he busted as did my stack as I ran a set into a flopped straight etc. I seriously could not run good for the life of me so I decided I would play the caesar 160$ 7pm the next day. I made a sick read on a guy early on where I bet/called an all in for a 200bb pot with AK high on a 234 board where he showed down AQ. I was chipping up real nicely until I ran fucking KK into AA again for like all but 10bb of my stack. I managed to hold on and double up a few times to make the final table. The structure fucking sucks and I will never play this tournament again because they kept skipping levels. By the time we were 7 handed I had 7bb, where the button shipped 6bb and I snapped with A8o. Unfortunately once again he had to have TT and leave me with 1bb. I almost had a hard on when I 4x my stack the next hand but then had to post the BB where I got KT v A4 where the guy flopped a straight flush. Then to top it all off my flight was delayed 3hours on the way back. Fuck vegas and the fucking mirage and fuck live poker for the time being. I cannot wait to get back to online poker and start owning souls again.

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