Saturday, January 30, 2010

150k Win for 42k

Started playing a lot of mtt's this week due to the double guarantees that fulltilt was running all week. The variance in mtt's can be so sick. I nearly busted my full tilt account and dropping close to 15k before making 3 final tables in the same day and cashing for just under 60k. This will go on the record as my largest cash to date. Also finished 2nd in the stars 80k for 14.4k and 6th in the 50-hundo for 3.3k. Was a crazy day and just shows you how sick the variance can be. I am currently ranked 28th on opr.


The most important thing to remember is that you average a profit everyday you play( if your a winning player that is.) So in the longrun, I did not make 60k in a day, only about 1k. And although i lost for 23+days straight for a total of 15k, I did not lose 15k in the longrun, I made 1k per day(or however much it is). So you cannot get down on yourself day after day about how fucking bad you run, because it's all apart of the game. If you cannot handle the swings, then poker is not for you. Getting mad about losing every flip is not uncommon, but yet very unhealthy. It can affect your personal life and put a lot of unnecessary stress on you. There is no reason to beat your wife or yell at your girlfriend because you lost every flip and everyone plays so bad and you run the worst out of anyone in the world. Stop being a fucking pussy, get over it now, it is part of the game. Of course it is not easy dealing with it but once you understand the longrun you will be that much better off in your life. Here is my graph for full tilt on the year. One very other important thing to realize is that volume is also key in poker. Only 175 tournaments played is nothing. You can go thousands of games of breaking even, waiting to hit that 1 score that sets you over the top. Look up any good mtt reg and you will see there is usually 1 score that sets his year apart from losing to being super profitable.

Will be turning 22 soon, so looking to get a presidential suite in downtown Cleveland, and throw a sick hotel party. After that looking to do a little bit of traveling before finally driving across the country to LA. Also, I am going to start learning and grinding some cash game. The main reason is because I think it will vastly improve my mtt game. I am looking to play some big live mtt's very soon at the wsop so I'm going to need all the practice I can get. Going to ship the sunday millions this week on full tilt too.

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