Monday, March 29, 2010

Getting ready for Moeghan Sun and WSOP 2010 !

I have barely played any poker since my trip to Chicago. Mainly I am just lazy and hate being tied down for a whole day at a time. I dazzled in some HU cash for a little bit but that was short lived. I feel like learning cash is going to vastly improve my game to another level but I just don't have the motivation to do it full throttle yet. I do have some big plans though. I am going to be playing in the Moeghan Sun 5k and maybe play the 5k satty to the 25k High Roller. Immediately returning from this trip I am moving to Vegas. We still don't have a house set up but I am going to look into that as soon as I get down there and hope to have the baller mansion all set up to move in by may 1. It is finally going to be an exciting time and give me more motivation to grind during this time because both FTOPS and SCOOP will be running up until the start of the WSOP. Full tilt is already running wsop Main Event satellites so I will be playing those any chance I get.

I have been drinking a lot of champagne lately and I just realized today that it is a pretty high alcohol concentration. Cristal FTW. I had one bottle and was already buzzed, and after 6 blacked out on Saturday night. This was not a good idea because I woke up hungover and was not in good condition to play the sunday schedule. In turn this ending up costing me a bunch of $ and I will not be drinking heavily on saturday nights anymore. In fact, ive finally started working out again trying to get in shape for the wsop. It is going to be the biggest grind of my life playing day in and out for 12+ hours at a time so I want to be in the best physical shape possible. Along with this comes eating healthy, so no more wendy's etc. O if you haven't heard "shut it down" by pitbull feat. akon yet , check that shit out asap, its my new favorite song. pz

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