Saturday, October 10, 2009

Taking a day off

This will be the first day in 6 weeks where I will not play a single hand of poker. Sometimes the best cure is to get away from the game and enjoy life a little bit. I am not sick of poker at all, in fact yesterday I final tabled yet again the 20 r and ended up 4th. It was a tough final table as so many short stacks surrounded me and kept doubling up. I had very aggressive big stacks on my left that really hand me handcuffed to just playing really tight until they busted. I was put into an impossible situation where I flopped top pair but my opponent had my out kicked 4handed. Anyway I sought out a very experienced cardrunners pro to give me a few pointers with my mtt game. I am looking for a few spots later on to be more aggressive and pick up chips, and he pointed out some very good raise and squeeze spots. I will be having a few more lessons with him and hope to start crushing more souls and taking down more tournaments. Once I acquire a proper bankroll I am going to probably start playing more HU sng but definitely get into some cash. Anyways im off to my old college to hangout with my fraternity brothers for a homecoming celebration. Hopefully things wont turn out like earlier this year when the entire college rioted on our street LOL.


Here is a link to some pictures of the events that took place. I was actually shot by rubber bullets just trying to walk into my house! It was probably the biggest riot in the state of Ohio this year. Anyway I will definitely be grinding those majors tomorrow so see you at the tables.

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