Monday, October 5, 2009


I have not had a day off since September 1st, and probably even a few days before that. Every day I have hit the tables trying to improve my game and become the best poker player I can possibly be. Last night I finally had a nice pay off for all the hard work. A few cashes including the 750k, deuce, and within 30 of the money in 5 more. My biggest cash of the year so far came yesterday too in the $20 rebuy. I ended up being in for a total of $80 and managed to get 2nd place for a cool 6.6k cash. It was a crazy ride as I was at one point down to 3bb, but never gave up. I had a very questionable 3barrel bluff on the last hand where my opponent made a good read to catch me bluffing and win the tournament. Now looking it over, although I had a lot of outs, it didn't really make too much sense. Anyway things have been looking up for me and I expect a lot more to come out by month end.

I finally have converted my schedule to accommodate euro time, so I now wake up at a normal time. My typical day consists of waking up and watching strategy videos for a few hours. I then eat breakfast, take a nice quick run, freshen up with a shower and then hit the tables. This past week alone I strictly started playing mostly mtts and have done very well so far. Earlier this week I final tabled the $10 cubed on ftp and ended up 5th for a small cash, and placed 70th in the deuce along with a few other small cashes. I have been really starting to understand and tie together some advanced concepts I did not fully understand before. I actually watched a JCarver video (best mtt videos by far imo) the other day and got bored because I understood everything he was saying. Sounds ridiculous because 8 months ago when I watched them for the first time I thought it was mind blowing content(because it still is). But with a little fine tuning to my game I definitely think I can be making videos of his caliber very soon. Well going to review my hands from every tourney I played yesterday and get back on the grind. See you at the tables!

PS. Thanks for all the rail bird support at my FT last night!

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  1. Hi Josh!

    Have to congratulate u 1 more time for ur cash in the $20rebuy last night. Hope it stays that way. Thx for ur mail-adress, will contact u soon.

    Good luck at the tables

    ABC21 (Albert)