Sunday, October 25, 2009

Updates and Goals

I started venturing into the 100 and 200$ hu sngs. So far so good but still over a ridiculously small sample size so anything can happen. I also played a few 24 and 75$ 45mans and did well in those. Today though I can close to what could have been the biggest cash in my life. I was top 7 in chips with 130 left in the 150k 150$ freeze out today on full tilt. First place payed 56k and I was dying to win it. I ended up catching a cold deck and my dreams fell short as I placed 18th. Bummer, o well I actually made a few bucks on the day after 1600$ in buyins and a small 53rd cash in the 40k.

These past two weeks I really have not been as focused as much as I'd like to be on poker. I have been distracted by friends, booze and luxury dining. Not to say I didn't have fun but its time to get back to the real world.

Win a seat to the LAPT Costa Rica event in November.
Play 1000 45mans 24-75$
Play 1000 HU matches 100$ +
Final Table an mtt where 1st pays more than 20k
A deep run and hopefully a final table in an FTOPS event

Now that we have "to do list" lets make it happen!

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