Sunday, February 28, 2010

Chicago Poker Classic

Wrapped Sunday up early today because my flight leaves in a few hours for Chicago. Kyle is picking me up and we are both going to be playing the 350$ 6max at noon. This is great news because I originally thought the Head up tournament I am playing was on tuesday but its really on wednesday! So I can final table this event and be able to play it without missing the HU!

Had a few non significant cashes today like 20th in the 150r on tilt and 4th in the 15$ super turbo on tilt for 2500$. Everything else was a super min cash, and I dont think I cashed in anything on stars. I played a lot tighter today as I had 15 tables going for awhile and I seemed to do really well. The only thing I can say is I was not able to focus on my individual opponents as much and not find good 3b or blind steal spots. Other than that I am still trying to find that fine line between aggressive and reckless. Should be in Chicago until the end of the week and looking to play the 3k ME on friday if I get a chance.

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