Tuesday, February 2, 2010

January is in the Books!

It was about a year ago today when I final tabled my first mtt, the midnight madness and won 900$. What a crazy thought it was back then to think I would ever make it this far...

So we wrap things up in January with over 64k in profits. Was very fortunate to have a huge week and to have some motivation to grind it out over the last week. As you can see I either lost or broke even for the first 200 games on both sites before I had anything big happen. Losing for 400 tournaments straight is never easy, especially when your average buy in is ~60$ a pop. Losing money like that every single day is very difficult to deal with day in and out. The hardest part for most people to understand is that this in fact very normal. Two blogs ago I wrote a little about this so go read it.

From a goal standpoint, I said that I wanted to make 500k this year. I am officially over 1/10th of the way there so I am ahead of schedule. There will be many challenges along the way still and It wont be uncommon to go a whole month as a loser. I am definitely ready to take on anything and anyone who gets in my way. The one thing I do better than most is that I study poker every single day. I am watching videos and constantly reviewing hands and thinking about how I can do things better. My mind is in overdrive all the time. Its actually to the point where I am having dreams about playing hands in my head. I haven't had dreams like this since I really first started grinding, and I really haven't been getting proficient sleep because of them but, It just shows you how in tune I am with my game. I am working my way to becoming the best in the world, and I am getting pretty damn close. That and my friends are too. Bfizz11 wins the monthly tlb and 50k in profit and Mi_turtle took two weeks off in hawaii and crushes it for 25k. We are the best in the world, and the future of online poker. So haters and nonbelievers, expect big things or ill have to sadly rub it in your face and tell you, I told you so.


  1. U Da U Da BEST!!!!!!! Hi Haters!! Great job bro. Let me know when we are going to celebrate.


  2. Congrats on a great month. What videos do you watch? Can you recommend me some?

  3. Best mtt video IMO are Jason Somervilles on PokerVT.